Google Online Security Token – The New Password!


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Google is considered to be the spearhead of advancements and innovations in technology. And for their newest milestone, Google sets to revolutionize online security such that passwords, that are easily decidable will become a forgotten part of history.

According to the announcement by Google, it is the time has come where we need to do away with complicated password rules and look for a better option. Suggestions from leading digital experts in Google say that those web users who are security-conscious soon might be carrying a device in their pockets or hands all the time such that they will use that device to access to all of their accounts online, instead of the usual password that we memorize and keep in our heads.

The said token or, as they say, the “key”, may appear to be like ring or any other form of jewelry. The said jewelry will contain small–sized smart-pad that will hold the entire user’s personal and vital information. The token will be plugged into a desktop or laptop through the USB port. Upon plugging, the token will be communicating the important details about the users on secure websites. Doing this will allow them to have an access to their online accounts without having to enter passwords.

This revolutionary technological milestone on shifting online passwords to physical form thought by Google web security is said to be an effective idea. Google believes that this advancement will be a great help in eradicating password hackers who hack into private accounts of people.

On the other hand, other experts in online security propose replacing passwords using NFC (Near Field Communication). The said technology will give users an access to their online accounts by simply clicking in from their iPhones and other Android Phones.

Google emphasizes that they will need the collective collaboration from the different websites to make their idea commercially real. And that’s not all; Google will also have to convince and persuade technology users to carry around jewelry or any accessory that will contain their most vital and private information about their online accounts.

Currently, a proto-type token called the USB-Yubikey has been put to test at the Google Headquarters. But despite this being a promising idea, Google employees fairly open admit that a large coverage for the said project is still kind of vague idea.

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