Google Increasing the Security Checks and Embraces OAuth 2.0 Once More


In the near future, Google is willing to go the extra mile and enhance its security layer. To be more specific, there will be additional checks for security prior to accessing the applications that users want to access in the first place. This of course will only happen to those who make use of plain passwords to this day. As you might have guessed by now, Google sends another thumbs-up to OAuth 2.0 and there is a direct recommendation that every user upgraded to such an option. Unless you want to get into extra trouble and go through additional security checks time after time for proving who you are and whether or not you are authorized to gain access, OAuth 2.0 is the only solution.

Of course, this is not the first time that Google shows its preference and its strong belief that OAuth 2.0 is the right way to go. With the application of even stricter authentication procedures, there is an ongoing effort towards enabling all users to minimize the disruption and embrace the innovative and more powerful recommendation of Google. The only alarming thing about the whole process is that even OAuth 2.0 is not risk-free, as it has turned out after the recent vulnerability that has been brought to light. Google should be extremely cautious when it comes to recommending options that can cause problems along the way with the authentication and the consequent data interception.

The concept of improving the safety measures prior to granting access to the users is a great thing to comment on. However, that being said, there needs to be thorough evaluating of the options that are suggested as the best alternatives regarding the improvement of the overall security level enjoyed on the web.