Google is Under Blame for Breaking Privacy Draft


After the Canadian privacy commissioner’s interrogation, Google has expressed its strong commitment, not to violate the Country’s privacy draft in the future.

On the basis of a complaint by an internet user having sleep apnea, Bernier’s investigation began in early 2013. The Man un-curtained the fact as, while searching through internet to cure his disorder, He was guided to un-desired sites comprising of lot of Google’s promotions.

Connecting Cookies to health related sites clearly denies the online marketing rules along with Google’s law about privacy matters.

According to the Bernier’s latest press release:

As Canadians spend more and more time online, they create a digital trial that can reveal a great deal about the person. Organizations such as Google must ensure privacy rights are respected in this complex environment.

Bernier also added:

We are pleased that Google is acting to address this problem.

The investigation was completed with the cooperation of United States Federal Trade Commission.