Google and Microsoft Now Take Government to Court Together Over Surveillance Data


It’s not often that we hear of a Google-Microsoft joint suit. These are not times for competition; these are times for cooperation for mutual benefit. The two tech giants are going against the government in that they are seeking a court order where the government will be forced to publish information requests it makes to either of them.

We already know that the government makes surveillance requests to these two and owing to the pressure from users, the companies want the government to reveal what it asks for so that they can assure their clientele of transparency.

The Obama administration is taking baby steps towards improving the transparency of what the govt does under its internet surveillance activities, especially ever since the Snowden PRISM saga broke but Microsoft and Google insist that more needs to be done.

When the court case came up in June, the government asked for an extension, and it has done so six times now, prompting Microsoft’s counsel Brad Smith to state that the government is unwilling to release sufficient information on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act orders.

Mr. Brad Smith further states that these revelations will be structured in a way that they do not threaten national security. Google’s lawyer in this matter David Drummond took the same stand.

The issue of internet security and anonymity, especially where the government is accused of allegedly violating internet privacy of many people has taken a new turn with the entry of these two giant firms. What makes this a big issue is the fact that both Microsoft and Google have huge resources and the government will have to slug his one out against these two internet giants.

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