Google Alleges that UK Laws on Internet Privacy Do Not Bind Them


In one of the most unusual defenses, internet giant Google now claims that UK internet privacy laws do not apply in their case since they are a consumer service. This comes in the wake of claims that Google has been aggressively tracking UK internet users with the aim of getting their search preferences cataloged for personalized ads.

It is claimed that Google went as far as creating special code for UK iPhone and Apple devices users that bypassed the default privacy settings on Apple devices allowing Google to collect search data from the users without the user’s knowledge.

Google denies that is used cookies on UK users despite the fact that the Federal Trade Commission has already fined them a record $ 22.5 million. In addition, Google is seeking to have the UK case heard abroad arguing that it is a global service provider. That is however unlikely to happen since the alleged offences were committed under a .co .uk address. Court will convene in October to determine whether the application to have the case heard abroad will be granted.

UK users are outraged that the company is attempting to have the case moved abroad and even struck out. The UK part of Google is a business that they will not want to lose given that they are constructing a $ 1 billion headquarters. The outcome of this case will have to be something that does not hurt Google but at the same time they do not want to upset their users.

If you do not want t be part of the users that are always complaining about privacy, we always recommend that you get a VPN connection from a reputable provider like UK based HMA (full HMA Pro review). With a good VPN connection, it is impossible for companies like Google to track your search data since you will have multiple IP addresses. As we await the outcome of the case, it is good to take care of privacy from your end.