GeoSurf Review – The Global Approach to Local Connectivity


geosurf Review GeoSurf Review   The Global Approach to Local Connectivity

GeoSurf offers its customers the basic functions that typical VPN service providers furnih, such as online protection and anonymity. It has servers in different areas within US, as well as in other countries including France, Germany, UK, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa and China. You can expect fast and reliable internet connection with this VPN provider. It also allows users to switch between countries and regions thru GeoSurf’s own proxy network. Aside from that, this product also comes with a mobile emulator, which lets you stay connected on the internet anywhere, at any time. It is advisable for customers to use Firefox as a web browser, since it can easily be accessed just by clicking on the toolbar.

As for the protocols supported by this VPN provider, via our GeoSurf Review we found out that you can only access this information once you’ve subscribed to its services. This is due to the privacy contract between GeoSurf and its users, which is not pleasing I’d say!

GeoSurf VPN Payment Packages and Offers

Geosurf VPN offers a wide array of payment packages to appeal to different types of users. They can choose the best plan that suits their purpose ― whether for personal or business use. It accepts all payment methods available and offers its clients a five-day trial for guaranteed service quality.

  • The Starter plan, which costs $29 per month, offers 100 MB and 1 VIP support ticket. It includes the basic GeoSurf features and the GeoSurf plus.
  • The Basic plan, which costs $59 per month, offers 300 MB that works on 3 global server locations and includes 2 VP support requests.
  • Advanced plan, which costs $89 per month, offers 500 MB and 2 VIP support requests that works on 5 global server locations.
  • The Enterprise plan, which is generally recommended for companies with large needs, offers fully customizable settings tailored to the subscriber’s needs. The rates, therefore, is based on the agreed settings and features the clients choose.

GeoSurf Review: The Verdict

Our unbiased GeoSurf Review concludes that when it comes to providing users VPN service, GeoSurf’s features can be compared to the top notch products like HideMyAss. The only downside of using this product is its price. GeoSurf’s rates are quite expensive compared to other VPN providers available in the market. Quite frankly, you could find the same quality level of service with the same features once you check out other competitors in the industry. One must realize that in this cut-throat business, customers also consider the price associated with the product’s quality.