General Electric Acquiring Wurldtech as the Remedy to Industrial Internet


GE or else General Electric has announced that it would grab hold of the security firm Wurldtech, in an effort to maximize the power towards getting better results in the field of security in Industrial Internet. This is of course a substantial project that requires a lot of attention and state of the art technology, in order to work properly. The acquisition of Wurldtech can only be seen as another step towards getting closer to the ultimate destination of ensuring data and equipment, software and machines and connecting them to people in the best manner possible.

Wurldtech is a leader in such functions and benefits, as it can take credit in catering for both the parts of IT and OT, meaning Information Technology and Operations Technology when it comes to machines and their use. So, the cooperation with GE is Wurldtech is going to be huge and fruitful, taking into consideration the fact that the Industrial Internet is much closer than most of us would have imagined it to be. Most automation providers already use the same security firm and this is the most eloquent proof of its popularity and of course its effectiveness in this industry.

In the sensitive sector of security on the web, Wurldtech is a pioneer and helps its customers identify any red flags that require additional attention or even repair. Through ongoing tests and upgrades, with advanced technology and security products of the finest quality, Wurldtech is able to keep everything in order and thus enhance the overall online security that is required for the next step in the establishment of the Industrial Internet. Let us all hope for the best, since this is going to be a huge step closer to the future, as we have been longing it to be.