How to Setup Galaxy Note 2 VPN – Thorough Guide for You


Galaxy Note 2 VPN How to Setup Galaxy Note 2 VPN   Thorough Guide for You

Galaxy Note 2 has been among the most wonderful Galaxy smartphones on the market from day one. Due to its impressive special features and its modern design, it has managed to become loved from a huge part of the public worldwide. You can explore its potential when it comes to videos, games, music and newsflash, as well as everything else you want for your information, communication and entertainment.

One of the alarming aspects when owning such a precious and multi tasking smartphone though is that of online privacy and protection. Especially when you make use of unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots, the dangers multiply by a thousand. So, you need to come up with a way that will allow you to remain risk free in your cyber diving. After a lot of research, most people working in the field of online privacy and protection have concluded as to the superiority of VPN instead of any other solution available. Now, what you need to know is how to setup Galaxy Note 2 VPN.

Breaches Reported about Galaxy Note 2

Due to its popularity, Galaxy Note 2 has been subject to a lot of research on behalf of cyber criminals and hackers globally. This means that these people have studied the specific smart phone, till they came up with ways to compromise its security and intercept the data of the users.

This can happen either through sending out a SMS or NFC notification including malicious content or through other methods for scanning infected QR code and other threats. The results are always the same, making Galaxy Note 2 vulnerable towards the desires of these cyber crooks. This is what makes VPN essential to every user worldwide, in order to ensure that everything is kept protected.

VPN against Threats of Galaxy Note 2

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a truly great tool in the hands of every Internet user. When it comes to Galaxy Note 2, its contribution towards the best protection on the web is remarkable. To be more specific, VPN can help encrypt all your data and thus keep nothing in plain sight.

This of course makes a spectacular difference, since in this way no hacker or anyone else attempting to rob you of your personal information can ever succeed in his target. So, once you have subscribed to VPN and have chosen the server you wish to connect to, your personal information is concealed and substituted with a virtual IP address and no other personal details whatsoever.

If you make use of VPN, it does not matter if you use a hotspot (wifi) that is not secured for you to access. VPN will help you build a wall and keep all the threats and dangers away, without fail or delay. Of course, there are additional benefits regarding the use of VPN. For instance, you can unblock hundreds of websites and apps (imagine you can watch US Netflix on your Galaxy Note 2 outside US). Additionally, your speed rates remain stable and solid at all times and your gaming experience is much improved.

Guidelines for Setting up VPN on Your Galaxy Note 2

We want to ease the path for you, so we have written down some simple yet effective guidelines, as to how you can setup VPN on your Galaxy Note 2. Here we go:

  1. You go to Settings and click on More Settings.
  2. You then click on VPN and Add VPN Network.
  3. In the Name form, you enter the name of your VPN provider.
  4. In the Type, you select the security protocol of yours (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP).
  5. Then, in the Server Address, you write down the information given from your VPN provider.
  6. You uncheck the PPP Encryption (MPPE) and you click on Save.
  7. You click on the new addition with the VPN that you have just created and you enter the username and password that you have been handed out before you connect.
  8. This is it! Enjoy your perfectly protected online navigation!

VPN to Choose Among Many

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