Learn How Easily You Can Watch FX Outside US!


fx network logo slice Learn How Easily You Can Watch FX Outside US!

The FX network features a wide range of entertainment accessible for streaming within the US. Beyond the borders of the US, it’s a different story. However, there is a way to watch FX outside US or from anywhere in the world.

If you try to view a video on the FX network site from outside of the US, you will receive a small message on your screen stating: “Geographical Restriction”. The note is small but the meaning is very clear – you’re based out of the US and are therefore not authorized to view the content on FX.

The reason why FX does not allow content to be accessible from anywhere in the world is because the content they broadcast has copyright on it. FX has only paid for the rights to broadcast in the US. If they allow other countries to view that content then they will be sued by the owners of the content. What you have to do if you want access to FX from outside the borders of the US is to change your location and make FX assume you’re located in the US.

Change Your Location and trick FX Networks into giving you Access to Video Content

Fortunately, changing your location virtually is quite simple. What you need to know is that FX can find your location through your computer systems IP address-a specific number that your device gets from your ISP when you go online. This specific number identifies your location and it is therefore crucial that you obtain an US IP address when you need to stream FX videos.

By linking to a VPN using a server in the US, you can get an US IP address instantly. All you require is an account with a Virtual Private Network provider of your preference. Our favorite is HMA (HideMyAss) because their service works best for this procedure.

When you have registered an account and install their app for PC or Mac, all that remains is choosing a server in the US and linking to it through the app. A few seconds after doing so the application will display that you’re connected and now you can load the FX site and you’ll be authorized to stream the video regardless of where you are located in the world.

This is a powerful technique that can help you unblock any website that has geo-based content restrictions. This means that you can watch Fox, FX, Hulu, Netflix and so forth from any place in the world, provided that you use a VPN connection to a server in the US.