French Hadopi Law Not Affecting Piracy Altogether


The whole world has been growing fonder of piracy and free file sharing, as it seems. Even though many countries have recently taken severe actions against piracy and they have penalized such behaviour, the most recent research published as to the results deriving from the Three-Strike (or else Hadopi) Law have been enlightening on the matter. As many have argued right from the very beginning of applying such legislation, no actual difference has been made in piracy as a whole.

The pirates within France have been initially forced to disconnect from the web after two warnings, but that has led to no improvement in the field of the anti-piracy target. Now however there is a fine of €60 to be paid whenever there is such activity on behalf of pirates. Similar legislation is available in the US, South Korea and Taiwan and many other countries are planning to launch the same tactics (including Ireland and possibly the UK).

What the research has concluded is that the sole differentiation has been that of choosing alternatives rather than P2P for downloading purposes. Since monitoring only aims at P2P file sharing, there are other ways that are now gaining popularity, such as Usenet and other direct downloads. So, pirates seek more secured pathways, but do not consider ceasing their participation in file sharing.

It makes total sense why more and more people turn to VPN, in order to protect their web surfing. Along with keeping your personal information out of reach, it is great to know that you can indulge in file sharing without fearing for your actions being monitored by the Government.