Snowden’s Revelations Weakening NSA, according to Former NSA Chief – Yet No Replies as to Legal Issues and Exploitation


Michael Hayden is the former Chief of NSA and has been interviewed by Major Garett on Face the Nation from CBS News. Even though of course his driving force has been to defend NSA and the tactics used on their behalf, in reality his comments have been less than solid and consistent.

As a result, even more shadows have been thrown over the agency and even more people have been reacting against such blur comments. Of course, as it has been expected, Edward Snowden has been characterized as a traitor. Such heavy accusations are not necessarily negative and especially when they come out of the lips of somebody who just ignores questions that are not of his liking and may urge him say the wrong words to the public.

During the interview and despite the pressure that has been handed out by the interviewer, Michael Hayden did not change his initial statement as to his full backing up of the agency and the techniques that are used for over 30 years now. Although the public has been made aware of online snooping and surveillance projects that have been targeting both locals and foreigners, he has denied any opposition to the Constitution and thus any responsibility for legal concerns. As for judges deciding otherwise, he merely stated that such decisions do not reflect reality.

NSA has been badly injured by the constant leaks of Edward Snowden and there is no doubt about that. Even most recently, there have been leaks as to the malware used by NSA for hacking iPhones and such cases do not even raise protest any more. Interviews such as that of Michael Hayden not only make us realize how deep such monitoring projects are, but also motivate us towards coming up with the best ways to protect ourselves. Once more, VPN (Virtual Private Network) holds the answer against spying attempts and all other online threats.