Forbes Having Been Hacked, Leaving More than 1 Million Passwords and Other Sensitive Data Exposed


Forbes is known to the masses and it is indeed one of the most popular websites worldwide. Who would have imagined that all sensitive data from its subscribers would be compromised? Although it sounds unlikely, it did happen and the one to blame is no other than the Syrian Electronic Army. As they have posted on Twitter, they are planning to publish the list with more than one million passwords and email addresses for free. This can make many people feel goose bumps, since such knowledge is in fact precious.

As Forbes has stated, the emails have been encrypted and this is why not so much frustration should be driven by the whole hacking experience with the Syrians. However, it is advisable to alter them at once, just to make sure. What is more, encryption is a fine tool but it is not the ideal means of protection for emails and passwords. On the contrary, hashing is and it is really disturbing that the word encrypted has been used instead by Forbes.

Fortunately enough, there has been a problem with the expression and in reality advanced hashing has in fact taken place. Still, some passwords can easily be cracked and particularly by those who know what they are doing.

Back to the SEA, they have been frowned upon issues with the ethics of Forbes and this has been the expressed cause of such discomfort. Nevertheless, since they did not mean to cause problems to individuals they finally came round to their senses and they deleted the published list, while they also suggested that all the people involved should change their passwords. Isn’t ironic, coming from the very same source that actually compromised your sensitive information and eventually brought it to light?

No matter what has been in the mind of SEA, getting their hands on such massive information and bringing out in day light has been more than concerning to most of us. Especially when even giants such as Forbes cannot be thoroughly protected online, it is of great interest to see how the whole thing goes in the future.