Fix Released for iPhone from Apple as Cure to Encryption Hack


Last Friday Apple announced that its software was actually vulnerable against encryption hacking attempts and this is what has caused tremendous concern to all Apple users globally. Luckily enough, the reaction of the company has been prompt and they now urge users to go ahead with installing and activating the fixes available. In particular, the software patches aims at offering remedy to all iPhone devices from version 4 and on, as well as iPods of 5th generation and iPad 2 moving forward.

As you should recall, great fuss has occurred due to the company’s vague and too subtle announcement about the flaws that would lead to encryption fail. There would be even more severe damage if the fix were not to be released so soon. In fact, all Apple users would be left wondering what would happen to them and their personal information. Indeed, everything had been exposed and every hacker could overcome the vulnerabilities and access critical data without much delay.

Even though Apple is not too keen to comment on the recent incident, it is crucial to find out when the whole issue came to light. In other words, it needs to be clarified whether or not Apple Inc had prior knowledge of such vulnerability, which could jeopardize even financial transactions and information that could be used for getting money out of bank accounts and credit cards, among many other details of value.

You can see that there is much speculation about the event and this is what keeps everyone on alert. VPN is the safest method for online protection to this day and this is what we would recommend for all Internet users.