Add on from Firefox Hiding a Botnet Threat


Just when we have rested a while in the field of security, a new incident has bombed us recently raising our concern about online privacy and keeping us vigilant. Firefox add-on has been the means for a mischievous botnet to run its scanning process and identify any vulnerable websites.

Even though Mozilla has taken a stand and has removed the add-on from its effect, the truth is such compromising has already affected 12,500 systems. The gathering of information as to the actual vulnerability of each website is challenging to acknowledge.

Of course, we are the first ones to praise Mozilla for their prompt and effective response to the SQL attack, since without their action we would be facing with even more substantial losses as we speak.

Michael Coates, who is the ex director of security for Mozilla has been rather optimistic towards the individuals who have been alerted by the add-on attack. He has made it clear that such tactics do not usually aim at compromising the devices of the users, rather than the actual websites that cannot be protected and appear fragile against threats.

This is just another sign of how vulnerable and helpless every single one of us can be against the will of online hackers, snoopers and so on. We therefore stress out once more the unparalleled importance of subscribing to VPN for having all your data encrypted as a whole. So, no matter if the cyber criminals are after your own data’s interception, they will for sure run into a solid wall after activating VPN. You deserve such thorough protection online, don’t you think so?