FBI and European Authorities Combined Against GameOver Zeus Botnet


A few days earlier (last Friday, May 30th to be precise), both the FBI and the European authorities have made a cooperated effort towards overcoming the danger that all the web has been facing due to GameOver Zeus botnet. A lot of servers have been intercepted and this has led to the disruption of the botnet and is powerful effects. Now, their goal is to arrest a Russian in his thirties, since he is the alleged mastermind who has been organizing the attacks. Of course, this is the same botnet (as it seems, at least) that has been used in CryptoLocker ramsonware.

Based on P2P, GameOver Zeus botnet is able to penetrate the system of computers and grab hold of sensitive data that will later be used for gaining access to bank accounts and withdraw money without fail. Simple though it might look like, there is certainly state of the art technology and deep knowledge of hacking tools and methods for pulling this through. P2P means that it will not be that easy to eliminate, since its infrastructure does not allow you to come up with all of the servers and the sources of attacks at once. The authorities have been working hand in hand with some of the most prominent security firms, in order to get to this result and have such a success in taking down the botnet.

Now that it has been proven that the authorities of EU and FBI can work together in harmony, this is a really hopeful step towards eliminating online threats. This has been pointed out by EC3 (or else European Cybercrime Center), as well. Now, it is up to the authorities to prove that they are capable of handling with cybercrimes again and again.