FBI Alerting US Retailers on Online Attacks in the Future


News Picture FBI Alerting US Retailers on Online Attacks in the Future

Several attacks have been completed against US retailers recently and this has been tremendously frustrating to handle. This is why FBI has alerted retailers on what they need to expect. If you take into account that over the previous year there have been 20 incidents of security breaches against such retail businesses, you can see why things have been disturbing and why FBI wants to raise awareness on everyone.

One striking example of such security breach has been that of Target stores. In this incident, credit card details have been compromised and customers have been left in fear of data interception. There is reasonable doubt that viruses and malware have been added to POS equipment and therefore the threats are much higher and more frequent to occur. All at once, the cost of such equipment in places other than convenient stores has gone significantly down. As a result, there is high likelihood that more people will get their hands on such options.

Similarly to FBI, the UK has started out a campaign which has been eloquently named Cyberstreetwise. Depending on whether you are mostly interested about your business or your home, there is practical advice, as well as things that you should keep an eye on for being more secured against online threats.

Once more, we cannot help but highlighting the use of VPN against similar acts of online hostility. Instead of being at risk and jeopardizing your personal information, you can rest assured that you are bullet proof and you remain untraceable and thoroughly protected at all times. It is certainly worth the try!