Facial Recognition Program Allegedly Launched by NSA


According to the New York Times, there is another danger that should worry us regarding NSA. It is true that there is an immense number of different images found on the web, including those that clearly show our faces in different poses and under different angles and circumstances (lighting, shading etc.). Based on sources that the New York Times have validated, NSA is gathering these web images towards creating a database that will be used as facial recognition. So, you can see that this is going to raise a new wave of protests and concerns, as to the right of the National Security Agency to exploit images placed online for recreational purposes from the users of the web.

Every single day, there is a substantial number of web images intercepted using social media, forums and other online sources to gather information and increase the overall data that they receive. To be more specific, the web images that can be added to the facial recognition program daily are in fact millions. On behalf of NSA, the spokesperson that was asked to comment on the recent events did not try to beautify the case. Instead, he defended the decision of NSA to go for innovative and fruitful methods for getting the info that they need towards fighting crime and ensuring the protection of all US citizens.

If you look at this in a different point of view, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) expressed the distress for using web images from people who are not even suspects of a crime, without their consent, solely for having enough evidence if something comes along and there is the need to identify somebody. Consequently, there are always two sides to every single coin and they are not identical!