Facebook VPN Keeps the Hackers Away


Numerous hacking attacks targeting major networking sites have gone out of control. Some cases, like this news about Facebook will surely encourage you to get a VPN or a Virtual Private Network connection for further safety. After the large-scale security issue of twitter months ago wherein 250,000 user accounts were hacked, Facebook announced that they have been targeted by hackers.

According to Facebook, they have been a subject of sophisticated attacks. The said attack happened after the employees signed in to a certain developer website which was suspected to be infected by a malware that was left free to install by its own. The developer’s computers were then used to infect the said malware into Facebook computers. Although the issue is somehow disturbing, Facebook VPN insisted that they have installed a running, fully patched and updated anti – virus software and so they absolutely sure that there is no single user data that was hacked or stolen.

Facebook had launched and established a hacker–catching scheme wherein a user would be given a cash prize if ever he/she catches a hacker on Facebook, making all the account users very vigilant every time they log-in in the social networking site. That is why Facebook management was surprised-that their system was targeted despite all their anti- hacker schemes.

Facebook VPN is already cooperating with the police and is currently conducting a large –scale of investigation. Despite on the intensive cooperation together with the police, Facebook claims that they are not that sure yet if the hackers on twitter were also the same hackers who tried to invade their system. But since they also claim that they were not the only networking site that has been attacked, the possibility of having the same hacker is still being considered.

A blogger and a writer named Jeff Jarvis stated in an interview with BBC News that the thought of entertaining a “techno panic” is not really necessary despite the series of hacking that happened to Twitter and Facebook. And again, he emphasized that no user account had been stolen, hacked or harmed by the said hacking so there is no reason to have the said panic. Facebook is still in cooperation with legal officers and investigators to find out the main cause of the alert.

This news about hacking or hacked accounts is becoming very alarming. By now, it will be considered really dangerous to log-in in Facebook VPN without a protection, so it really best to have a VPN connection. And if I were you, I would choose HideMyAss Pro VPN as your to guarantee a secure browsing while you are in Facebook VPN.