Facebook Turning 10 – Time to Get More Serious with Security


Who would have predicted the huge impact of Facebook in our daily routine ten years ago, when it was first making its baby steps on the web? Although social media can take pride in bringing people together and helping towards minimizing if not eliminating distance, in reality there is great risk when it comes to cyber security. With its 10th birthday, Facebook should consider growing up and becoming a far safer place for users to be. Especially if you get to think that one out of six people in the whole wide world has got a Facebook account, you can do the Maths and see the point in security enhancement, can’t you?

As it has been proven through tests and more tests, personal information can easily be mined out of photographs and status updates on Facebook. The most recent striking example is that of a little girl uploading pictures from her own smartphone on Facebook and some days later (four, to be exact) a lot of information had been obtained on her identity, her neighborhood and other details of hers. Even if you are skeptical about the extent of data mining from the web, you cannot help but acknowledging that such risk is evident.

As a result, Facebook needs to be made much more efficient when it deals with privacy policies and settings. With a far friendlier and easier to comprehend and handle security policy, things are certain to get better. It is definitely worth taking a shot!