Facebook Targeted by Spying Nodes in Russia – Tor Exposed


Tor has been the best option for many people, due to the free character of the project and the overall online protection that it is able to provide through encryption. However, the findings of two University students in Sweden have been ringing the bell of warning for everyone using such a service. In fact, it turns out that Russia has been the core of spying nodes included within the Tor encryption process.

Of course, the voluntary basis on which Tor has been built leaves no room for blaming the founders of the service. However, it is still frustrating to know that you can be subject to spying by anyone at all times. The controversy of using something aiming at enhancing your privacy and ending up becoming equally vulnerable online raises grave concern. Man-in-the-middle-attacks have been identified by the two students, Philipp Winter and Stefan Lindskog.

Among the websites that such nodes aimed at, we find Facebook and we all know what this means! Personal information exposed on Facebook can cause panic, once every user suddenly realizes how fragile he becomes due to such nodes. The nodes have been named “Main Authority” and the students have made attempts to remove them initially. However, over time new ones kept on emerging. During the testing period which lasted four months, there have been eighteen such nodes originated from Russia and a single one from the US.

Tor users should not be put off from using the Tor project as a whole. Still, they need to be well aware of the potential spying which is not limited to the NSA or the FBI. Things are far more complicated than they appear to be and everyone should pay attention to his privacy thoroughly.