Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Privacy


Facebook is part of our everyday life. We have become sort of addicted to this little pleasure that was given to us by one Mark Zuckerberg.

But that is where the good news ends; Facebook is turning out to be a lot less cooler than we thought. How would you like it if a company was minting billions from selling your information to marketers, law enforcement and other interested third parties?

A film crew making a documentary called Terms and Conditions may Apply recently got hold of Zuckerberg as he was leaving is California home and asked him what he thought about the new terms and conditions on Facebook. Well, the first concern for Mr. Zuckerberg was whether the crew was recording the interview, asking them to stop recording and when the main camera was switched off, he relaxed, unbeknownst that a member was recording with a camera in his glasses.

Now, the whole point of this recording was not to document Zuckerberg’s answers-you will be interested to know that he gave no direct answer, instead he directed the film crew to get in touch with Facebook’s PR- rather the point was to violate his privacy. The crew wanted him to feel how it is like to have someone keep records on you when you have clearly asked him not to.

Facebook has introduced a new feature called graph search which makes it easy for third parties to dig into your profile many years back, find your photos by doing a simple search among others.

This means that a potential employer can read about our wild college updates from 3 years ago, not cool.
Now, you don’t read through terms and conditions on sites you sign up with, as a matter of fact a study revealed that it would take you over 180 hours to read through the terms and conditions on all your favorite sites. So are you screwed online?

A VPN will give you the ability to virtually change you Ip making it hard to be tracked. It will also encrypt your traffic so that it is very hard to find out which sites you visit.

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