Unblock Facebook in Vietnam – Great News for Tourists & Vietnamese


Facebook in Vietnam Unblock Facebook in Vietnam   Great News for Tourists & Vietnamese

You might already know, Facebook is the best option in the field of social media for millions of people and this is why it has expanded so much, ever since it was first brought to light. Being a pioneer in introducing people to new ways contacting and interacting with each other, Facebook can take pride in being one of the first websites that people get to visit on a daily basis. Unfortunately though, in Vietnam the use of Facebook has been banned.

This is another example of censorship applied by the Vietnamese government in their attempt to control their residents. However, there are many problems among tourists and expatriates who wish to keep track of their friends and families and Facebook was their primary way of being in touch with them. You do not need to worry, since we have found out what you can do for using Facebook.

Making Use of VPN

Every time somebody within Vietnam gets to visit Facebook.com, his IP address is recognized and thus there is a wall appearing in front of him. So, what you need to do is go ahead with changing your own IP address with another one coming from a country without any restriction regarding Facebook.

What you have to do is get a subscription to a reliable VPN service provider and enjoy the servers coming from outside Vietnam and other countries where Facebook is banned. For instance, US based servers can do the trick for you. So, you connect using the VPN and you identify the US based servers that you are going to use. From then on, you can take pride in gaining full access to Facebook, even though you might be within Vietnam.

Ideal VPN for unblocking Facebook in Vietnam, Actually Worldwide

As you can imagine, VPN providers that are helpful towards meeting your needs should be able and offer you unlimited bandwidth and a wide variety of servers for you to change & switch VPN servers according to the traffic. We have found that HideMyAss is able to perform greatly and will surely help you out reach your goal, without asking for a lot of money.

Just make sure that you have got the application downloaded and installed, whether it is Mac or PC. As for iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device you’ll need to go through manual configuration – that’s again a cake of piece due to how crazily they’re simple and easy to follow. If you’ve an android device, you won’t even need to work on manual configuration as HMA does provide app for the android devices.

That’s ALL it takes to unblock Facebook from Vietnam, actually you can unblock it from wherever it has been blocked, plus, via this little footwork you can unblock all other blocked websites (Hulu, Pandora, ABC iView to name a few). Hope you’ve pleasing Facebook surfing, finally icon smile Unblock Facebook in Vietnam   Great News for Tourists & Vietnamese