Protect Yourself From – Facebook Identity Theft


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A lot of people think that “cyber-crime” only happens when hackers use various codes and complicated texts to be able to invade and get access to personal and vital information, and even get to rob from your financial accounts. This type of crime is definitely frightening. But if you would analyze it, it’s something less traumatic than an actual hold up or robbery.

Although they say that cyber – crime/ Facebook identity theft is not that really serious, it is possible that it may develop into something very dangerous and notorious. A certain incident of Facebook identity theft that happened in the previous year in Australia may support this theory; that crimes that are being committed in the cyber world can develop into something more dangerous and even happen and be committed in the real world.

There was a crime reported last year during May in South–east Australia. It was said in the crime report that two burglars attacked and broke into a home after a teenage girl posted a photo of a large amount of cash that she was counting for her grandma.

Fortunately, the large amount of cash and even the seventeen–year old girl was not in that house. But in spite of this, her mother was up held helplessly as the burglars robed their home taking some personal belonging and a small amount of money.

It is really lucky and fortunate that no one was physically harmed by the said crime. But the main point of the story is; it is quite dangerous to browse the internet without using any software that will keep you secure by allowing you to surf the web anonymously. When you come to think of it, the family in the story were really lucky that the burglars were not armed with guns and other deadly weapon or things would have gone far worse. Until now, it is still a mystery how did the burglars found out the actual home address of the teenage girl considering that the only thing that was posted in the social networking site was just the picture per se.

It is indeed very dangerous to surf the internet nowadays, and people who go online are in real need of privacy while browsing. This is because they want to protect themselves from different crime that can lead them into great danger. And to be able to achieve the online privacy that they long for, a lot of people now use a Virtual Private Network.

VPN is very useful in getting the privacy and security that you want. This is because VPN can be able to hide the IP address of a user and that will give cyber criminals and other hackers a hard time to track a certain individual and access the user’s information. VPN assures every user that only authenticated users of the product can access it and information stored there. The VPN is a very helpful tool to companies and other businesses who are concerned with the confidentiality of the information in their company. VPN is also good for households who just want to live a peaceful and private life.