Facebook Hackers Go Large!


Facebook HAcks Facebook Hackers Go Large!

No matter how advanced our technology is today, hackers still pose a huge threat-in fact, even the pioneers in the technical industry aren’t safe from hackers. Days after the announcement that Facebook had been hacked, Apple revealed to Reuters that they had been hit with a similar type of attack. According to Apple, employee’s computers were infected by malicious software (malware). Apple also disclosed that there were other companies that were affected by the same issue but declined to explain further.

Whenever an Apple employee visited a website infected with malicious software, the malware attacked the Mac computers by exploiting vulnerability in its Java software-this software is provided by Oracle Corporation. In quick response, Apple released a solution to address this problem. A Java security update was released for Apple users who use Mac OS X. This update can be found in the Mac App Store located in the Update Software section.

This rare admission by Apple serves as a warning that there is neither company nor software that is completely safe from hacker attacks. Apple is only an addition to the long list of high profile companies and organizations that have been hacked. Though Apple did not officially announce the name or the source of the hack, rumor had it that the hackers behind these high profile attacks were in China.

Although no customer data was compromised in these attacks, customers must always be careful when it comes to providing information to cloud-based services like iCloud from Apple. Remember that your data can be accessed by anyone whenever there is a case of cyber attacks. Customers should keep in mind that their information is never really safe on the internet. They should keep offline records of the sensitive information they share. Customers must always be vigilant with their sensitive information.

Luckily, we can protect ourselves from Facebook hackers and any other hackers through the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN connection. By using VPN, the personal and company data that we send, receive and use is encrypted making it anonymous and out of reach to notorious hackers. VPN also ensures that we can surf the web anonymously by hiding our IP address and other identifications on the internet.

Facebook hackers and other notorious hackers are getting stronger as time passes by. The only reliable protection measure we can take is having a VPN connection. That is why it is best to get a VPN connection right away. If you don’t have a VPN provider in mind, we recommend that you choose . HideMyAss is one the best VPN providers in town and by choosing it, rest assured that you will have the strongest possible online protection.