Facebook and Online Privacy Disputes


Facebook and Online Privacy1 Facebook and Online Privacy Disputes

A recent lawsuit filed from a former student in Fayette County School, named Chelsea Chaney, has drawn the attention to the wider picture of online privacy settings and credibility in social media.

In particular, the girl claims that an employee working in the respective school took advantage of a picture having been uploaded on Facebook by her and made use of that in a presentation focusing on social media. The picture has been uploaded under the conditions of being authorized for viewing among the girl’s friends and their own friends. However, this can be a bit blurry, in a matter of speech.

When you get to upload a picture or share some files with your friends, it goes without even saying that you pay attention to the Facebook and online privacy settings that you agree upon. Even if you do upload something, there is still the copyright that is yours to have. So, although it is not that strong as a point to argue that your friends’ friends’ can be controlled, in reality copyrights and the law of your personal intellectual property is to be considered strongly.

As you can see, the case is more complicated than initially expected to be. Having that in mind, there is a really important issue to be resolved concerning the online privacy settings and their effects on social media, such as Facebook. Where does privacy actually apply and where does free sharing get to harm your own private rights on intellectual property? The judges will certainly have a really tough call to make. Nonetheless, up till now there is great concern as to the protection that people get when surfing the web and the power of their full consent.

Solution for Facebook Security and Privacy

So, during such issues of Facebook and online privacy disputes there is actually one solution to be selected towards full protection and encrypted data. VPN providers such as HMA (HideMyAss) can help minimize the danger of property violation and identity theft. Take a moment and think about that before you get to connect to the web without any protection on your side.