ExpressVPN Adds New Server Locations


Good news for ExpressVPN users; they now have two more server locations in the network.

The company has now added a server in Norway and South Korea, meaning that the total number of server countries available for users is 35. Yes, you can now access servers in 35 different countries with ExpressVPN!

But that’s not all; ExpressVPN has also added more locations in the US. We have new servers in San Jose California, Virginia and Phoenix. When announcing these additions, the company also said that they are going to add more locations in the next month.

What this means is that you can now have a wider pool of servers from which to choose. With many servers available, a user has the freedom to appear like he is located in any of the 35 countries available. This is especially important if a user is being tracked since he or she can change IP addresses.

Many server locations also enable users access websites that are only available in the countries where the server is located. If we take the new San Jose server, for example, we can use that server to access a site which is only accessible from the US like Netflix.

Many server locations also reduce the load on particular servers making browsing smooth and fast since there is no server overload.

Remember, your online security starts with you. You are the only person who can take care of your interests online. We at AllOfVPN recommend you to have a Pro VPN not only for accessing geo-blocked content and entertainment but also for security online. Stay safe.