Express VPN Review – Unblocking the Internet and Allowing Utter Freedom


ExpressVPN Review Express VPN Review   Unblocking the Internet and Allowing Utter Freedom

Having hit the market back in 2008, ExpressVPN has made quite an entrance in the field of VPN. Based on the United States of America, it has successfully built a wonderful reputation. Such reputation is supported by quite many customers who have been more than satisfied by what they are getting through their services.

Due to their remarkable overall feedback, we were intrigued to put ExpressVPN to the test and see how it goes. If you are as much intrigued as we were, then follow us to find out how ExpressVPN review actually went. We will be more than happy to oblige and analyze everything to you most eloquently. With our mind on the growing competition among VPN providers and with our main concerns focusing on flexibility and affordability, we are ready to hit the review off, without any further to do.


There are servers located in more than 39 countries in the world and the network is growing rapidly with new additions every single month. Some of the countries include the UK and the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Australia, Japan and India, Thailand and Canada, Belgium and so much more. Even if there is no server located within your country, it is recommended that you choose one situated somewhere near. ExpressVPN states that it is far better for users within Asian countries to choose the server located in California, US.

People in ExpressVPN have made sure that their servers are free of bottlenecks or any kind of congestion. Although the other competitor HideMyAss has got a much wider diversity in servers, it still manages to be kept competitive through the ability to switch between IP addresses continuously.

Bandwidth and Speed

During our ExpressVPN review, our repeated speed tests have shown that users can achieve up to 70% of the available Internet speed while using the VPN. There is unlimited bandwidth offered to all the customers and this makes it a great bargain to enjoy.

Speed Express VPN Review   Unblocking the Internet and Allowing Utter Freedom

However, all at once this can be a threat to the overall speed and reliability of ExpressVPN. It makes total sense that the more people connect any given time, the heavier the traffic and consequently the worse the quality of the services provided. Due to the wide range of servers that ExpressVPN features, such problems with connectivity tend to get eliminated, though. This is pretty impressive.

Finally, we were not able to detect any kind of DNS leakage at during our ExpressVPN review, which was superb!

Features, Protocols and Devices Supported

There is a plethora of security protocols supported by ExpressVPN. Although the default option is OpenVPN TCP, there is also the alternative use of L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN, as well as SSTP. As for its compatibility, there are apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. What is great is the fact that ExpressNPN has got apps for ALL the devices available and this is definitely a “thumbs up” for ExpressVPN subscription.

For Windows and Mac users there are dedicated software terminals for easy setting up and configuration. Everything runs smoothly in both OS. However, in Linux users there is only option for manual configuration of the settings. The same applies to other OS as well. So, if you are in for such manual configuration, then ExpressVPN is the perfect match for you.

express apps Express VPN Review   Unblocking the Internet and Allowing Utter Freedom

For mobile users now, ExpressVPN has got an app that runs for both Android and iOS users and this is another simple yet efficient move on their behalf to make things run more smoothly. When it comes to using ExpressVPN, you will need the login information, a confirmation email and some configurations made. There are tutorials that you can take advantage of to your best benefit.

Pricing Plans and Discounts

ExpressVPN offers unique ease of use, not baffling potential customers with numerous different packages and posing dilemmas without a clear answer. You register within moments after having made up your mind about subscribing to ExpressVPN and you are good to go. The prices themselves are not the cheapest you can find, but if you combine those with what you get then they are perfectly justified.

The monthly fee for using ExpressVPN is $12.95, while there are discounts for longer subscriptions. The 6 month subscription stretches to $59.95 and the best deal you can make is that of the yearly subscription that can be offered to you for $99.95. So, you can save up to 35% of the initial price, which is great to know in advance!

express prices Express VPN Review   Unblocking the Internet and Allowing Utter Freedom

Though they do not offer a free trial, you can benefit from the 30 day money guarantee and not have to pay anything unless fully satisfied with what you get out of the VPN provider. Payment methods include all kinds of credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) and PayPal. No wire transfer or alternative methods available, but that should not be a problem for most customers worldwide.

ExpressVPN Customer Support

This department is truly impressive to consider, as ExpressVPN can help you clear out everything that is not crystal for you. You can choose to contact them through the live chat that is available 24/7. This is by far the most immediate and straight to the point way of getting in touch with them.

Apart from that, you can either send an email or go for a support ticket. There is a phone number available for you to use if need be, but we have to stick for the first option of live chat. Whichever alternative you decide that best fits your needs though, people in ExpressVPN are not only knowledgeable, but willing to help you out anyway they can.

Just a note; if you send an email and you do not hear back from the provider within a day, be sure to check your spam mails as well. There have been such cases that you would want to avoid. Finally, a special reference should be made for the informative and thorough tutorials’ section, where you can find everything you want to, regarding the setting up and support options.

ExpressVPN: Errors and Omissions

Our ExpressVPN review did encounter some tiny bumps. There are some incidents of downtime and connection drops that might be due to most of the well respected VPN service providers that offer unlimited bandwidth. With the constantly growing network of servers we can be certain of better days to come in this field as well.

Apart from that, there might be some confusion among newbies and people without any prior experience in VPN, concerning the software terminal. Particularly for Linux users with the compulsory manual configuration, the terminal might be a bit challenging to handle.

ExpressVPN Review: The Verdict

Everyday technological developments are unfolded before our very own eyes. This leads to more and more services striving to improve their features and adapt to those changes.

ExpressVPN is no different than any other VPN security service provider that aims at producing fast, reliable and quality protection and complete anonymity for the best web surfing experience. Although there are a lot of competitors in the global marketplace regarding VPN, ExpressVPN can pride itself in being in the same level as HideMyAss.

The company claims that even though they do keep some logs, they do not keep any user data and the main purpose for those pieces of information kept is no other than the improvement of the services provided to the customers. When you are in need of VPN that allows smooth and uninterrupted online streaming, ExpressVPN is an exceptional option for you.

You can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and hundreds of other websites and apps globally. Awesome speed and cool mobile VPN apps add to your overall privacy and satisfaction, as well as your top enjoyment at all times. Our unbiased ExpressVPN review cannot end a lot differently than the indisputable recommendation of ExpressVPN as a stellar VPN provider worldwide.

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