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While the advent of the Internet made almost everything accessible to the public, it also made user privacy a thing of the past. Web browsers and people who have the capacity to track your every online activity can do so without you detecting them. VPNs are the perfect countermeasure for this, but as we all know, they don’t exactly come cheap.

However, there is great news for all you penny pinchers out there looking to protect your anonymity on the Big Bad Web. Read this ExpatShield VPN Review to find out what it is.

The X-Factor

ExpatShield VPN offers ― get this: FREE and UNLIMITED VPN service. Although the common skepticism on free services would mean a mediocre product, ExpatShield guarantees fast and reliable internet security as proven by many speed tests.

Surprisingly, ExpatShield VPN remains up to par with other VPN service providers in the market. It supports OpenVPN protocol and functions considerably well as any other paid product in the VPN business. Server connection is also easy, as the client app will link you to its nearest location.

The Catch

Free, unlimited and fast connection might be too good to be true, especially in industries such as VPN services. As in any free online service, there’s always some sort of drawback. The most common would be advertisements and ExpatShield has plenty of them. So heads up, you might find yourself getting miffed while surfing the net. Apart from that, ExpatShield also blocks certain websites that it may consider malicious. Lastly, this product only supports Windows operating systems (XP/Vista/7). How disappointing.

ExpatShield VPN Review: The Verdict

Offering free unlimited access to the internet without exposing your identity is really quite an edge in VPN service security. Although it is uncertain to the public how many servers it has all over the world, ExpatShield VPN delivers a really solid experience for users and it goes to show that quality does not have to be expensive.

This ExpatShield VPN Review recommends the product to users who are looking for internet security without paying for anything. If you’re okay with advertisements suddenly popping up at your computer screens, then this is the product for you. However, if you don’t mind shelling out some cash for total quality service, you should look into other VPN providers such as HideMyAss.