Evernote Being the Most Recent Victim of DDoS Attack


Evernote is a popular service with more than 100 millions of users worldwide and therefore terror has prevailed, as soon as the DDoS attack against its servers was confirmed. Even though there has been no actual data loss and although there is no evidence that can back up allegations of personal information having been leaked, it is always frustrating t face the truth about vulnerabilities and online security flaws. Evernote was prompt to reassure its users that everything was being dealt with in the most timely manner and that nobody needed to worry about the attack and that is what the company tweeted.

Huge traffic has been redirected to the servers of Evernote during the DDoS attack, causing problems with the accessibility of the service. If you recall, this is not the first strike against the famous service that deals with note-taking options and to-do lists, organizational alternatives and innovative methods for keeping things in your life on track. Last time the servers of Evernote were in jeopardy due to an attack back in March of 2013, some user data had been lost. As a result, the company urged the users to change their passwords.

Fortunately enough, there has been full control on behalf of Evernote towards neutralizing the DDoS attack promptly and efficiently. So, this should not worry the users of the service globally. Still, in the form of precaution, it would be best for everyone to have another change concerning their passwords. It is far better for somebody to be safe than sorry, after all!