Europeans Targeted by Chinese Hackers Just before G20 Summit


Shadows have been creeping behind the G20 summit in Russia back in September 2013. There have been allegations that Chinese hackers have been led to hack European leaders during the two days. A potential intervention of the United States in Syria seemed like something worthy of attention and therefore the Chinese Government could not resist the temptation of snooping on these leaders in an attempt to get some valuable info. A security firm called FireEye verified the hostile attack that had been held by a group named “Ke3chang” and now keeps monitoring the 23 servers containing suspicious moves and transactions.

G20 had no idea as to what had been going on in the meanwhile and there have been more than 9 compromised devices. The spying that occurred had the primary goal of gathering information as to the Syrian intervention and so on. Of course, China has not admitted the fact and on the contrary they have tried to reverse the situation and make the US seem more hostile in return. With the common practice of unproven allegations the US had no proof of such events, other than the hackers’ location being in China. So, the Chinese do not seem to pull back or perhaps say that they are sorry for the surveillance.

This is a time when every single day both individuals and businesses are prone to being hacked and of having their personal information intercepted and taken hold of. Although it is really disturbing, there is a way for everyone (both famous and prominent people and literally everybody else) to protect against spying attempts. VPN is the perfect solution for people to encrypt data and avoid such negative aspects of the Big Brother watching on us – even if we do not have to hide any top secrets for national security!