European Competition Commission not Satisfied with Google’s Fair Play Proposal


Search engine giant Google is facing a possible fine of up to 10 % of its annual income if it does not amend its plan to level the search business for its rivals in Europe to satisfy the commission.

The European Competition Commission is concerned about the monopoly that Google is wielding in the search engine field and it feels that consumer choice is limited to what Google offers. The commission, according to Joaquin Almunia, wants Google to clearly label its competitors in addition to displaying its competitor’s links closer to its own.

California AG’s shocking revelation

The attorney general of the state of California has revealed that over 2.5 Million residents had their private data hacked into in the year 2012 in a shocking report released a few days ago. The report also states that most of these people would not have been affected if the companies where these people were customers had bothered to encrypt their data.

Most of the companies affected were retail outlets, although there was a huge number of healthcare and finance companies in the list too. The attorney general further stated that the government and companies have an obligation to safeguard the private data of individuals that they hold.

Apple users exposed to hackers by Tumblr breach

Apple users who log into Tumblr through their i devices have been warned they should change their passwords asap as the Tumblr app for Apple devices has been compromised, although no one has reported data theft as a result of this breach. The compromise came as a result of failure by the company to secure its servers, allowing hackers to gain access to personal log in information.

The breach has not affected Android users an Apple users with a VPN connection. At AllOfVPN we like to keep you in the know. If you would like to avoid being a victim of attacks like the Tumblr breach and the California expose, you can get a HideMyAss subscription. Stay safe online.