Did European Agencies Spy on Their Citizens then Hand Over the Data to the NSA?


It is now being alleged that European spy agencies handed over data on European citizens to the NSA as part of cooperation with the PRISM program. US security chiefs, when appearing before the House of Representatives Intelligence committee this week, stated that the NSA spying story has been blown out of proportion and that the NSA depended on allied spy agencies in Europe to collect security data.

Army general Keith Alexander told the committee that the NSA did not carry out blanket surveillance as it is being alleged but rather it collected information that could help it prevent a terrorist attack. The General said that NSA would rather take a beating for taking preventive measure than stop a program that protects the nation.

The US security top brass pointed out that the NSA mainly operates within the confines of the US borders. While they did not deny receiving data from Europe, the chiefs wanted it known that their ‘foreign partners’ handed them the data. General Alexander further went ahead to say that the claims being made on NSA spying in Europe were false.

Having seen European leaders and citizens protest in anger towards the NSA spying reports recently, it remains to be seen what their reaction will be to these new revelations. The reactions from these allegations are already emerging with French agencies denying that they spied on their citizens on behalf of the NSA.

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