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A network of computers that is situated in one area is called a Local Area Network . This only means that if one user sent or broadcasted certain information through the use of a LAN, the information that had been broadcasted will be received and perceived by other users of the same LAN. However, there is a problem with the use of LAN.

If two or more people sent a specific data at the same time, a sort of collision happens and the data that is being sent may be lost. Another problem that a LAN is faces is that the data that is transmitted will only be received by users within the same area, meaning, not everyone would be able to receive the data you have transmitted. Good thing we have a VLAN VPN that will help us transmit data not only with people from the same area, but also to another location you wish to.

What is on Virtual LAN or VLAN?

A VLAN is considered to be a subcategory for a Virtual Private Network or VPN. The VLAN is just really the same with an ordinary LAN, the only difference they have is that VLAN allows the end stations to be easier to group even though they are from different networks and areas. An example of proper VLAN functionality is where companies that are using VLAN VPN have a means of communicating faster and easier without jeopardizing the privacy and security of the data they have.

What is VPN?

A VPN is an application that gives you the opportunity to have a safe environment that will ensure the privacy and security for your data. VPN encrypts all the data you use online to make it impossible to crack by hackers. A VPN connection also lets you surf the internet anonymously and hidden from cyber criminals and other threats.

What are the differences between a VPN and VLAN?

Here are some differences of a VLAN and a VPN:

  • VPN is considered to be to be the general meaning of having security in transmitting various types of data while VLAN VPN is considered to be a subcategory of a VPN.
  • VPN encrypts all the data you use in transmission making it impossible for hackers to steal it. On the other hand, VLAN only divides a certain entity into sections in order to have security and easy management at the same time.

Making sure that all the data we transmit are safe is very important. That is why having a Virtual Private Network would be really helpful to achieve the privacy that we want. But if you want to increase the level of your security with additional organization, you should also have a VLAN VPN. Now, if you have interest in getting a VPN connection, we encourage you to have Hide My Ass Pro as your VPN provider.