How to Enjoy Netflix on TV via Boxee Box – Step by Step Guide to Fill in the Gaps


Netflix on Boxee Box copy1 How to Enjoy Netflix on TV via Boxee Box – Step by Step Guide to Fill in the Gaps

Boxee Box is a supreme option for people who enjoy home entertainment and they want to settle for nothing less than state of the art technology and high performance. In order for you to get the best out of Boxee Box, you need to combine it with Netflix.

Indeed, the top video on demand service with over 20,000 HD videos for you to cherish is the ultimate means of recreation for millions of subscribers and you do not want to be left behind! Below, you can find some simple yet effective step by step guidelines on how to enjoy Netflix on TV via Boxee Box. Sit tight and start taking notes!

Step 1

You have to connect Boxee Box to your computer and network.

Step 2

Subscribe to VPN. This is extremely important as a step, since you will need great speed and unlimited bandwidth for enjoying Netflix content to the fullest. Among the top VPN providers of the global marketplace, we would go for HideMyAss VPN. It has got everything you need for enjoying online streaming on TV.

Step 3

After the subscription has been completed, you will get your log-in information. Have them somewhere you can access easily.

Step 4

In your Boxee Box, go to the Options and select Customize Boxee.

Step 5

Soon after that, you click on the Network.

Step 6

When you access Network, the VPN option will be ready for you to place the log-in information you have got from your VPN provider earlier. Just beware when you select a server. You have to double check that it is US based and does not have heavy traffic at the time.

Step 7

Go to the Netflix app and write down the information of your account. If you do not have any, you can check out for learning all the details as to how to create a US Netflix account from scratch.

This is it, guys! We hope that you make use of our guide towards enjoying super awesome content on your TV coming from Netflix via Boxee Box. Have fun!