Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs


NetFlix on LG TV Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs

A growing volume of entertainment media companies are focusing their efforts in the direction of increasing the volume of capabilities on their current and also brand new array of TV sets in the market. An excellent function is the addition of Internet connection in the latest TV models.

LG has already introduced internet compatibility to their broad variety of TVs. Netflix, like we know, can be accessed through any device which can be linked to the internet. If that was not sufficient, there’re specially developed Netflix applications that could be downloaded via the amazing websites- LG provides a similar feature.

Overall, LG now has 51 distinct models of TVs. Certainly, there’re different variations of specifications and features with these products. The price differs based on the capabilities to attract to a wider set of customers. The most affordable LG TV is available in for $299.99, whereas the most costly model can rise to $3599.99.

The basic level model from LG does not have any inbuilt web connectivity. However, it is possible to connect to the web with an external USB adapter. There’re models which do not provide the choice to connect with the web by making use of an adapter. For that reason, before selecting a model, make sure that you can gain access to the internet and the Netflix app prior to purchase.

LG provides 3 different varieties of TVs, namely Plasma, LED and LCD. The screen dimension differs from 22” to 65 with different models offered at different of price ranges with different functions. You can select between 3D TVs and regular TVs along with the option of full 1080p HD or regular 720p picture clarity. Wi-Fi connection is only offered in the high-class devices.

Ideal LG HDTV for Netflix

To get the ideal Netflix experience on your Television, you will want to take into account 2 models; the LG 55G2 and the LG 47G2 models. Both these TVs are the same in specifications and features but they vary in screen size. The 55G2 models provide a 55” screen and the 47G2 provides a 47” screen. The main reason for people to choose these models especially from the collection of 51 LG TVs is that they provide a Google TV function that is a separate app specifically developed for all these devices. It is on top of the built-in Wi-Fi that enables you to easily hook up to a Wi-Fi network.

The Google TV feature enables you to surf the internet and access web content material through various websites. It is possible to install and download the Netflix application to gain access to your online Netflix account. Besides, these web connection features, the 55G2 and 47G2 models include a complete variety of capabilities from 3D movie functionality, 2D to 3D conversion and complete 1080p HD resolution. Additionally you get a LAN port and three USB ports. The prices of these models are $2299.99 and $1699.99.

Watch Netflix on LG TV outside US

Watching and accessing Netflix on LG TV outside the United States requires that you set up a Virtual Private Network router or any web router with Virtual Private Network installed. A Virtual Private Network service provider like the ones in the following table, enables you to change you IP and server location with the IP from United States, to ensure that you will be saved like a visit from a user in the United States by the Netflix collection server, even though you’re outside the United States. Provided below is a table containing the top 3 VPN providers, you can get assistant from any of these to watch Netflix on LG TVs.

No. Provider Starting Price Trial / Days Read Review Visit Website
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No 2 Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs ExpressVPN Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs $12.95/month 30 days

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No 3 Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs PureVPN 4 Enjoy Netflix On LG Range Of TVs $9.95/month 7 days

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