Enjoy Netflix on Apple TV – Feel the Difference


Netflix on Apple TV Enjoy Netflix on Apple TV   Feel the Difference

Apple TV is a product in the Apple store, which provides HD 1080p Netflix streaming features for your Television. The Apple TV could be utilized to get into a broad variety of information, game and media sites such as NBA, YouTube, MLB.TV and Vimeo. LAN Wireless accessibility is common for the Apple TV. But, the most vital attribute of this product is the AirPlay feature that allows you to link your iOS device with your Television.

Contrasting Apple TV to its rivals, the features and software are the best. Backed by a brand new single core A5 processor, it is the smoothest and fastest set top box in the sector. Also, the remote has only the handy buttons; there is no complication. It is offered at $99, and Apple TV is an excellent product for current iOS system users. Watching Netflix on Apple TV can be a really awesome experience; let’s get to it by starting with Apple’s this product’s little brief review.


In contrast to other set top boxes available in the sector like Roku, Apple TV is exclusively offered as a single model that has been most recently enhanced to a more efficient specification. The measurement of the product stands at 98mm x 98mm x 23mm, and the weight is about 275 grams. This provides a weighty feeling to the gadget. It is certainly the perfect gadget when it comes to design and form. Along with white power-on lights, Apple TV can certainly look great next to your TV set, not that anyone will observe it very easily.

The number of enhancements to the brand new version comprises a more efficient single-core A5 processor, an expanded iCloud interface and re-designed user interface. Besides these enhancements, the Apple TV continues to be an iOS suitable gadget, and also suitable for users with current Apple products in their collection. The remote control for this product is elegant and simple, yet functional and powerful. It has a button for menu, play/pause and 4 directional buttons that is almost the required collection of control keys for a product of this quality. The internet connection is available in 2 types, an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi port.

It has an optical audio port, HDMI port and a built-in power supply. Its built-in power supply prevents the use of adapters. However, the HDMI port limits you from linking you to an old model Television. It is a disadvantage for those who’d want to use this gadget with their present TV set.

Netflix Enjoy Netflix on Apple TV   Feel the Difference

Its great feature is the 1080p HD resolution, which can offer a unique viewing experience on your high definition TV set. The brand new interface also improves the look, although a lot of videos on the iTunes store are only accessible in 720p, which is a disadvantage. Furthermore, the purchase and rental price for videos from the iTunes store is very costly, and besides Netflix, there is not any kind of supported media websites.

Because of this, it is ideal to invest in other products like Roku to allow a full-blown online experience. However, if your need is only to view Netflix on TV, then the Apple TV is ideal for you.

Again,the most significant characteristic of Apple TV must be AirPlay. It is a unique feature that allows you to connect your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, as well as the Mac to your TV set. This lets you to watch videos, photos, play games, stream internet files, play audio on your HDTV. That is why Apple TV is suitable for people with another Apple gadget in their houses.

Going to the price front, Apple TV is well priced at $99. It will justify the options available, and may easily outsmart all its rivals for those who currently utilize an iOS device. However, apart from that, there’re lower priced gadgets in the sector that provide more options for the buck. The Apple TV is a gadget that provides a great variety of options; however the option of channels is a lot less for the money that you spend. In case there were a lot more channels being offered, Apple TV could have dominated the sector, but, it is even now the best device which can allow you to view Netflix on TV.

How to enable Netflix streaming on Apple TV

Simply go to the settings menu of the Apple TV and switch your location from your current one (let say Russia) to US to enable the application. Now, on the overview page you’ll see the Netflix icon. However, you’ll still be unable to link to the service because Netflix can still identify your location as the Apple TV is still not yet connected to a VPN.

By default, an Apple TV itself cannot connect to a VPN (virtual private network) but this hurdle is pretty simple to overcome – too. For this to cross, you will need to connect your Apple TV to a a router linked with the VPN. By doing this, the Apple TV will have all data sent via the VPN server, and it will look like it is located in US.

Another thing to make note of is, not every single router will be capable of aiding you to succeed, the router needs to be a VPN supported router. We recommend using the Asus router because it supports DD-WRT and works perfectly for linking to Virtual Private Network.

That’s it! Your’re now good to watch Netflix on your beloved Apple tv. Enjoy icon smile Enjoy Netflix on Apple TV   Feel the Difference