Enjoying Netflix in Europe – Stick Your Finger in the Honey


Netflix in Europe Enjoying Netflix in Europe   Stick Your Finger in the Honey

Europe includes some of the most historic countries in the whole wide world and is in fact the cradle of Democracy. In such a wonderful and blessed place, isn’t it truly frustrating not to be able and enjoy online freedom to its maximum? Well, of course it is frustrating, to say the least! Europeans have been missing out on all the fun of accessing US Netflix from Europe and this is something that needs to be changed.

For all those of you who are skeptic about such a change, we have gathered all the simple guidelines that can help you out establish the unique benefits of accessing US Netflix from anywhere in Europe. So, what do you say? Are you ready for us to start working our magic to your overall satisfaction through Netflix? Well, here we go!

What Happens With Your IP Address?

Your IP address is the unique number that acts exactly like an identity for you online. It is given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and it cannot be changed. This number highlights your exact location in the world and so you can easily comprehend why it is so easy for websites to identify where you connect from and either grant or deny access to you.

This is what happens with US Netflix, meaning your IP address gives out the secret that you connect from somewhere n Europe and this ends all your efforts to enjoy Netflix. Some of you might already know that there are European versions of Netflix either currently running or about to be launched. However, both their quality and quantity have nothing to do with US Netflix and this is why you long for THIS specific version.

Now, getting back at the IP address, we have mentioned that it cannot be changed on our behalf. Well, there is an exception to the rule that will help us reach our goal more efficiently. Through the use of VPN you can change your IP address with any other one of your liking. The only limitation has to do with the presence of VPN servers at the exact location where you are interested in enjoying content.

Specifically, if you wish to watch a Geo-restricted website from the US, you simply need to find a US based server and arrange so that you connect from there. In the same manner, you can unblock the Netflix wherever you’re. The process is just a piece of cake and the outcome will amaze you, for sure!

How to Choose the Top VPN for Accessing Netflix from Europe?

Well, it is true that you have to make sure that the VPN of your choosing does include a wide variety of US based servers. This will help you out in times of heavy traffic, so as to maintain great speed rates. Unlimited bandwidth and reliability without any interruptions can be crucial as to the overall quality of your online streaming.

Of course, Netflix does require a lot of bandwidth and it is really disturbing to watch something online and put up with frequent lagging and interruptions that spoil all the fun. Furthermore, you will certainly benefit from 24/7 availability in the customers’ care department, as well as from the best value for money.

So, make sure that you choose prudently as to the most wonderful VPN that can meet your criteria. We have tested out all VPN providers in the market place globally and we have come up with a comprehensive table, listed just below. Apparently, HideMyAss Pro VPN is the top option for everybody in search of a trustworthy VPN that never fails your demands. We hope that the table serves you well! Enjoy!

Do You Need to Get a US Netflix Account?

If you currently own a Netflix account for any other version (for example the Canadian one or the one in Ireland), you can use it and still access US Netflix through your IP address change. However, if you do not have any Netflix account at all, you will need to create one. The instructions following will come in truly handy to you, we bet!

  • First of all, you subscribe to a VPN provider and you change your IP address respectively, so that you appear from the US.
  • You visit Netflix and set US as your default location.
  • You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check). Just make sure that you use a valid zip code here.
  • Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards that you can buy on eBay or from any other trusted vendor like this.
  • You’re in! Enjoy!
If you still need more detailed info on creating a US Netflix account from scratch, you can go thorough our this article.