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Email interaction has been around for years and has proven to be a significantly better source of communication, as compared to physical posts. Emails have made their own way in the personal lives of people across the globe, and serve as a major component of interacting with people, across the globe.

Based on statistics, there will be 3.8 billion email accounts by the coming year. Lots of personal matters are being talked about via emails and nobody will want this ‘information’ falling into the pray of cyber criminals. Because of this and many other essential things, personal email security is a reason of SERIOUS concern, for a great number of people.

The Growth of Smartphone

The increase in usage of Smartphones has also led in an increased number of persons using these contraptions; to access their email accounts. In comparison with laptops, Smartphones are a lot more vulnerable for information breach attempts. As a Smartphone can be very easily linked to the Internet via public networks for example Wi-Fi hotspots at airports and coffee shops, it is now extremely crucial to make sure that data thieves and hackers don’t get access to email accounts via these public networks.

Companies have also made use of email for interacting with their stakeholders, clients, and employees for a decent period of time, and it probably is their main source of communication now. All sorts of confidential and important data are discussed via emails. This is the reason why email security is now a mighty important for companies. There’re many options securing one from old-school hacking efforts. These choices are:

  • Setting up complicated passwords; combined both numbers and alphabets
  • Setting a difficult and lengthy secret question
  • By the end of every single Internet browsing session delete Internet cache
  • Not saving passwords with the browser
  • Frequently Change passwords

These are quite basic security essentials that need to be pursued to ensure a minimal deterrence for email hacking risks.

Watch out for Typo squatting

One more novel process developed by spammers and hackers, is to register domain names which are very similar to famous websites. All these domain names vary themselves from their most popular competitors through typographical errors. Such as, Wikipedia is a famous website but Wikipedia could probably be a website being controlled by a cyber squatter.

This type of website may take form of an email client site too, where regular users might give their passwords and username because of an identical layout. It’s clear that, the most logical, cost-effective and simple solution for providing security of email communication is to utilize a VPN.

How can VPN Assure Secure Emailing?

To browse the Internet, a VPN service utilizes its servers based in various countries to assign its subscriber an IP address, distinct from the user’s genuine IP address. It turns into a Virtual Private Network user virtually browsing the Internet with an IP address from a different country, rather then the user’s own. The Virtual Private Network uses advanced encryption protocols and techniques to help make email communications unreadable, for people who aren’t meant to reach them.

Because these VPN servers have much superior anti-cutting tools and firewalls in place, the VPN user can securely use email accounts with no need to be concerned about potential online hacking and security risks. Besides from securing email communications, the VPN user may also relish access to location-restricted material from the whole universe, and avoid time-restricted internet services.

The best VPN provider gives you VPN apps that are suitable with various operating systems and devices like windows devices, tablets, laptops, Mac systems, android devices, and iOS devices — so, you don’t need to be a technical folk to connect with VPN. Just install their app on your machine, press connect and you’re good to GO!

List of Major VPN Providers

Listed below are the Top VPN Providers which could assist in enhancing email security.

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The reputation of Internet has added the problems of spammers and hackers limiting one’s online privacy and security, and probably the worst type of security breach is hacking of an email account. This is so simply because, it has confidential business and personal data. For that reason, a VPN can be the ideal tool for both business and individuals to secure their email interactions from spammers and hackers.