Tutorial on How to Enhance Your Security on iOS Devices – Step By Step Guidelines


Security on iOS Devices Tutorial on How to Enhance Your Security on iOS Devices   Step By Step Guidelines

The basic encryption is offered by default in all modern iOS devices. Still, such protection is not enough to keep all hackers and other threats away. The truth is that mobile devices are more vulnerable against leaks and they appear to have more loopholes than other devices in general. Apart from the encryption provided, you can take some action on your own and ensure that you are more thoroughly protected against anything out of the ordinary while surfing the web. Let us have a closer look at how you can improve your overall online protection, through the use of setting a passcode. Whether you have got an iPhone or a tablet, such guidelines will come in exceptionally handy:

  • First of all, you need to head to the Settings on your iPhone. This is a grayish icon displayed on your screen.
  • This is a grayish icon displayed on your screen.
  • You go to the General tab and from there you are expected to scroll down, till you come up with “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  • You have got two choices; either you turn the Simple Passcode on and you go for a simple four digit code or you go for something more sophisticated and thus much more difficult to track down and hack. Of course, we would advise you to go for the latter case.
  • According to your choice, you are now ready to set your own password. Again, we cannot stress the importance of activating a difficult password enough. You might find it harder to recall, but in reality that’s the whole idea of setting a password!
  • Finally, check it out to see if it is working! Turn your phone screen off and on and see whether you will be asked for a passcode or not. Hopefully, you will be requested to enter the password that you have used just minutes ago!

This is a great method for enhancing the protection layer of your iOS device. If for some reason you wish to turn this feature off, you use the same process and you set it off. However, even then you will be asked to enter your passcode once more. In this way, you avoid getting hacked by somebody who is considerate enough to disarm your iPhone before anything else! We hope that you have enjoyed our online security tutorial, guys! Stay tuned for more to come and of course consider using VPN, especially in mobile devices!