Encryption Becoming a Necessity for More Organizations Globally, as Research Proves: Good News, Finally!


It is always comforting to realize that something is changing for the better in terms of security worldwide. Encryption has become more of a necessity for a larger percentage of organizations in every part of the world, as the 2013 report driven by Thales suggests. The research was held by Ponemon Institute and it stresses out the awareness that has been raised on the cyber breaches occurring on a regular basis.

In order for businesses and other organizations to prevent such breaches in their software and their critical information, they have turned to thorough protection and consequently to encryption. Of course, there is still a difficult path that is waiting to be crossed. However, the growing demand for more detailed methods of protection against hackers and other online threats is always great news.

The research was not limited to just a single country and this is one of the most important details to highlight. In contrast, professionals in the IT department took place from countries including US and UK, Germany and Russia, Brazil and Japan, as well as Australia. As it was estimated, about 35% of such professionals have stated that they use encryption as their protective shield professionally and this percentage is quite larger than what was estimated in 2012 (which was just 29%).

The problems that emerge more frequently when it comes to encryption are concentrated on two aspects of the whole concept and have to do with the identification of the important things that need to be encrypted and the application of encryption successfully. So, as you can easily assume, education is the key element that is pretty likely to effectively deal with such problems in the future.