EFF Motivating Internet Users to Install Privacy Tools as Tribute to Edward Snowden


Even though it might not have seemed that long, it is almost a year since Edward Snowden started revealing classified documents and shaking the waters of security on the web. Now, Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling every Internet user to action. It is a great thing to consider that the mentality and the attitude of users online has changed, after the ongoing cruel revelations that have made it impossible to trust the NSA and other spying organizations and schemes internationally. So, in a win-win deal for all people who enjoy web surfing, they should download and install security products, tools and software.

This symbolic act will be the most eloquent proof of the impact that Edward Snowden has had on mankind. Apparently, there is always a way for the bad guys to come up with new methods to intercept sensitive data. Still, with the proper shield this interception will be made a lot more difficult (and hopefully impossible!). After so many different revelations that have been brought to light throughout the year thanks to Edward Snowden, this is the least that every single one of us can do. Apart from honouring a person who has risked his own life and well being for showing the world what NSA and the web can do against protecting online security, you will be enhancing your armor and you will be feeling much more carefree in cyberspace!

It is needless to state that VPN is among the major aspects of online security and therefore this is what you should consider, in order to better the odds of being left anonymous and out of reach on the Internet!