EFF Infographic Enables us on Who Has Our Back Online


EFF Infographic EFF Infographic Enables us on Who Has Our Back Online

Electronic Frontier Foundation has just released an Inforgraphic helping us better understand the impact of online privacy concerns towards all the best established websites all over the world. It is true that most of the web giants have been on alert trying to make amends for their previous policies, where online information has been logged and given out for various purposes.

As you can easily comprehend when having a look at the Infographic, the data used by their Internet customers cannot be reached that plainly unlike what has been frequently an issue when it came to US governmental institutions and authorities.

There are companies that have been publishing transparency reports and inform their customers in cases of a request from the US government. In addition, there are companies that fight for the rights of their customers in courts and even in Congress, whereas it is now frequent for companies to ask for a warrant before giving out any important personal information.

This is a really positive step being taken on behalf of these companies that have been starting to appreciate the value of online privacy and they seem to be well aware of the importance of keeping the customers feeling safe and secured while surfing the web.

Of course, Edward Snowden has been the pioneer moving in the direction of respecting the information of the users online and from then on several companies have even denied having out information after a court order or have stressed out the value of keeping privacy at a high standard.

Google and Twitter have been major examples in that fight, despite the challenging PRISM program from NSA for thorough monitoring of the Internet.

Once more, the contribution of VPN towards encrypting your data and keeping you anonymous under any circumstances is of the best value.