Edward Snowden Changing the Course of Online Security for Businesses


The ongoing revelations coming from Edward Snowden on the NSA tactics and prying eyes always there to intercept data and collect sensitive information of yours have led to significant changes worldwide. Of course, it is of primary importance to highlight the change in the point of view of businesses, due to such revelations having been brought to light. As it turns out, most businesses have been made a lot more aware of the threats that they can deal with over time. All at once, they have been made a lot more cautious when it comes to picking their employees and partners. Let us not forget how Edward Snowden came across all such data that he has been publishing all this time.

Training focusing on defending one’s business against cyber attacks has been intensified and furthermore there are continuous seminars and courses aiming at providing awareness and solutions to such problems. The hiring process has been made a lot stricter and the accessibility and freedom of businesses’ staff has been restricted to a great extent. It is really interesting to stress out that most of the people who have been interviewed on their opinion about the guidelines offered by the Government on this matter have expressed positive comments.

One of the most disturbing things to consider is indeed the lack of analysts and IT experts available on call at all times. Due to the overwhelming load of work and due to the fact that a lot of junk needs to be disposed of from PCs and other devices on a regular basis, these professionals cannot be expected to perform as efficiently as they should without fail.

Although businesses and individuals have become well aware of the dangers, there is a long way still to be walked till effective methods have been adopted towards eliminating such threats.