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The need for full protection, encryption and smooth navigation on the web is global and therefore great debate has been raised in order to identify the most advantageous method of offering great benefits to each Internet user. The most reliable tools used so far in the direction of providing people with such benefits are in fact DNS, standing for Domain Name System, as well as VPN, standing for Virtual Private Network. Below we are going to analyze both these options in an attempt to see which one we should choose in the end.

DNS vs VPN and Verdict

On the one hand, DNS is a great tool to be used in order to maintain your current local IP and still get to bypass the geographical limitations emerging along the way. You get to use a server from abroad which does the work for you and allows you to enjoy online streaming although your location is an off-putting factor. It is quite affordable and it can offer the user unique speed due to the fact that there is no actual complicated rerouting in the process of encrypting your personal information. Finally, you can use DNS in as many different devices as you want without any problem whatsoever unlike VPN.

On the other hand though, VPN is capable of offering the user a great many additional features as well. For example, through VPN you can substitute your IP with another one, appearing to be in any place of the world you want. Then, there is no threat of being detected from your ISP and banned due to your suspicious DNS server connection. What is more, with the VPN you can rest assured that you will always surf the web in full discretion and without any danger of identity theft and flawed safety measures.

All in all, when we get to compare VPN vs DNS the outcome is truly evident. We would choose VPN over DNS any given time, due to the wide variety of special features aiming at guaranteeing the smoothest and most secured navigation on the Internet without any exception. Here is a list of top VPN providers that we have finalized after extensive research and trials in order to help you out select a perfect match. Enjoy!

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