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For several weeks now, the team here at AllOfVPN. Com has been looking at the various people for whom VPN is ideal. We have debated this topic in our office hours, on our social media profiles and finally we have come up with what we can describe as a small insight into what VPN can do for people. VPN has something for everyone-that is not in any doubt whatsoever. Please engage us as we look at the various people and groups of people for whom VPN is ideal.

VPN for foreign Journalists

Now, journalists are tasked with the duty to ensure that their readers get the truth. They have a duty to be non-partisan and their loyalty is to the reader and their conscience. They are not to mislead the reader, nor are they supposed to hide information from the reader, even when such info rubs authorities the wrong way.

While journalists in most western countries pretty much have the freedom to say anything they want without fear of being victimized by the government authorities, journalists in countries that do not rate highly when it comes to media freedom are often tracked down and harassed, sometimes to death, for telling stories that paint the government in a bad way. Western journalists who go to these oppressive countries face the same risks, and at times higher risk, as their local oppressed colleagues.

The only way to track a journalist is through his computer’s IP address. If the government gets its hands on your IP address, you are as good as found. So how does a journalist report to the readers without having to risk arresting or assassination?

The safest way to stay anonymous online is through the use of a VPN. Subscribing to a VPN allows journalists to change their IP addresses many times so that the snooping eyes cannot tell exactly where the story is coming from.

To get a good VPN provider, please look through our article on top VPN providers. If you do not wish to do that, we highly recommend that as a journalist you safeguard your online security by using a top VPN provider like HideMyAss VPN. We recommend this company because it has servers all over the world.

This means that you can change your IP address to that of any of the countries where there are HideMyAss servers making your real location impossible to trace. VPN also allows you to contact and communicate with your sources so that you do not out them in danger. If you have a source within a government like North Korea, VPN will ensure that your communication is not eavesdropped so that the source remains truly anonymous.

HideMyAss has several data encryption styles which it uses to make sure that the information going into and leaving from a journalist’s computer is impossible to crack. With a VPN subscription, journalists are able to keep stay true to their cause.

VPN for researchers and Investigators

For a researcher, confidentiality is very important. An error that can result I a leak of a researcher’s work may lead to other people accessing his research and taking advantage of his efforts. Recently, China has been accused of trying to hack into American military computers for newly researched military technology. They are accused of trying to get their hands on research data on drones among other military projects.

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When a researcher has spent years and tons of money on his project, the last thing he wants is someone to access his work and use it to profit. The internet has made it very easy for hackers to steal research information from researchers. In order to keep data safe, a researcher should consider using VPN. Now, VPN encrypts data so that no one can hack into the data transfer or look at what research a researcher is involved with without his approval.

The same goes for investigators. Anonymity of sources is very important in an investigation. In order to protect his informants, an investigator needs to keep his communication with them very discreet. An investigator also needs to keep his case files hidden since the people under investigation can hire hackers to access these files and destroy them so that they are safe from the investigation.

For both of these professional; researchers and investigators, a VPN connection is crucial. To get a VPN connection, you can compare best VPN providers and also, look through our reviews of VPN on this site.

But we can save you the trouble and give you a good recommendation straight away — that’s HideMyAss Pro. This VPN provider will give you enough speeds, bandwidth and data encryption of the highest level. The services of this VPN company are affordable, too.

Private conscious individuals

VPN is ideal for a person like you, a person who knows the value of keeping his data private and communication discreet. If you are the kind of person who does not like the idea that you are being speed on by the govt. and other parties online, then VPN is ideal for you. But that is not the only reason why you would want to get a VPN subscription; if you do shop or bank online, then you should seriously consider getting a VPN service. If hackers were able to hack into your financial accounts, they can steal your hard-earned money-and no one wants to lose money they have worked so hard for.

The other benefit that a private citizen will get from a VPN is the ability to access geo-blocked websites like Netflix and Hulu from anywhere in the world. VPN allows you to change your IP address, enabling you to fake your virtual location as much as you want to.

For a private individual, the best VPN provider is HideMyAss. They give good packages so that you can pay for what you can afford. They also have software that makes setting up VPN on our computer, tablet or mobile device very easy. The whole process will take you not more than 10 minutes and boom, you are good to go.

Human right activists

There are places in the world where human rights are abused so much, individuals have decided to come out and condemned this abuse. If you are a human rights activist, there are government agents who will always try to prevent you from denouncing their actions. Countries with dictatorial governments have the worst human rights abuse records. Activists in these countries are constantly monitored so that they do not spark protests that can lead to toppling of the government.

A good example of what human rights activists can achieve if they are allowed to use the internet freely is the Arab spring. We witnessed riots and protests in countries in North Africa and the Middle East that led to change of governments. Most of these activists got together through social media network like Facebook and Twitter. In order to stay in power and curb the possibility of citizens protesting led by human rights activists, some governments have blocked access to these social media sites.

The best way for a human rights activist to stay anonymous online and access blocked sites is via a VPN. A VPN allows the activist to change his location so that he is able to communicate without being monitored. An activist is also able to keep a social media profile by updating from several countries-made possible by the use of VPN to change the IP address of their device.

For total privacy and anonymity online, we recommend that you use HideMyAss VPN Pro. This company has been tested and found to give high quality affordable services. Their speeds are fast enough, security of your information is guaranteed and there are many servers that you can choose to use. If you want to compare HideMyAss with other providers, you are welcome to look at our review of other providers here.

Business travelers

When you travel for business, you will need to keep abreast with the business from anywhere in the world. You will also need to access your banks, lenders, suppliers, social media sites and your entertainment sites too. The main problem with travel is that in some countries, your bank and entertainments sites will not be accessible. In some other countries, the level of internet security is so low that you will be risking a lot by accessing you financial details online through the ISPs in those countries. So, what do you do-because your life will not stop for the mere reason that you are on travel? We have a solution for you; VPN.

Now, VPN will allow you to stay securely hidden away from hackers, even if you are on a public network in a foreign country. It will also allow you to access sites that are inaccessible from the country where you are traveling to. You will be able to carry on with your life. You will have your social media, your Netflix, Hulu or iPlayer among others just like you would if you were at home.

Our recommended provider for VPN for a business traveler is HideMyAss. They will give you security, freedom and flexibility t o choose your desired IP, all this at a very affordable cost. But there are other providers too. If you have the opportunity, please take a look at other companies that we have reviewed for you.

VPN for Remote workers

At times, you have to leave your desk at the office and go to the field. But this does not mean that you will stop doing your work. It means that you will need to work over the internet. It means that at times you will need to access very confidential portions of your companies data from insecure connections such as over public networks in cafes and hotels.

If your company has workers from all over the world, it means that your servers have to be accessed online for work to be done. Now, remote access is very convenient for businesses. It allows businesses o employ contractors and saves on money that would have been sent on getting offices for these workers in the business premises from where the business is run. It also means that the company330px Virtual Private Network overview.svg  150x150 For whom is VPN ideal? Discover here! is not geographically limited when it comes to getting appropriate workers.

Remote access of company servers leaves companies vulnerable to cyber crime. It leaves companies open to spying by competitors, rivals and even rogue traders who want to know the financial position of the business. If your business is listed in a stock exchange, there is a very big possibility that unscrupulous traders will be looking to get confidential information so that they can anticipate the value of shares before everyone else has the opportunity to.

To stay safe from all these scenarios, a business needs to get a VPN service for its remote workers. VPN will encrypt communication between the business servers and the worker’s device so that it cannot be illegally accessed. A VPN also ensures that rivals do not plant a spying malware in the company server via a remote workers computer. Remote workers are also able to access geo-blocked site when away from the company headquarters via VPN.

For a remote worker, there are many suitable VPN companies. Most of the companies you will want to subscribe to are reviewed on our site. Our recommended company is HideMyAss. As a matter of fact, our remote workers use HideMyAss. Their servers are fast and they are rarely down. The bandwidth they offer us is generous and the prices they charge are very reasonable.

So there you go. As you can see, there is a need for VPN for everyone. Internet security has to be taken seriously, and there is no better way than through VPN. If you found this useful please feel free to comment below, make a correction, a suggestion or share with friends. Stay safe icon smile For whom is VPN ideal? Discover here!