Childrens Unable to Even Differentiate Offline Friends from Online Friends


While the average teenager is very good at telling his/ her online friends from the offline ones, the 4-11 year old child simply can’t tell them apart. Huge percentage of kids 25 % of the surveyed kids said that they would want to meet their online friends while a further 51% were undecided on whether they would like to meet their online friends or not. This has been revealed by a study by Vodafone in Ireland and took into account the 62% of children in the 4-11 years bracket who use the internet.

This study also revealed that 56% of these kids see no harm in looking at any picture or video online. The same study showed that parents do not understand internet security sufficiently.

The study was carried out with the aim of helping parents protect their internet-surfing kids better. If your kids are online, you need to protect them from the dangers that lurk online. The study was done in Ireland but the reality is, the findings are likely to be similar in all countries where kids have access to the web and are active online.

There are various tools that a parent can do to protect their internet-surfing kids. There are apps that can help parent manage the content that kids have access to. There are school programs that educate kids on the dangers that they might encounter online.

VPN can also help keep kids safe. See with VPN installed, your child will have some degree of anonymity which comes in handy when discouraging pedophiles and stalkers. If you decide to go with VPN, we recommend that you use a reputable company like HMA (HideMyAss) which has VPN support for all kinds of internet enabled devices, regardless of the OS.