Activists Concerned Over DHS Facial Recognition Technology


Civil rights activists have warned that the department of home security risks violating the privacy rights of individuals in the same way that the NSA has in the implementation of DHS facial recognition technology, unless it sets clear guidelines to safeguard against this violation.

The technology that the DHS wants to put in place will be able to recognize suspect’s faces from camera footage from security, traffic and ATM cameras. Civil society argues that the DHS will have to come up with a civil rights protection clause that will ensure that privacy is not abused.

While the technology, going by the name Biometric Optical Surveillance System (BOSS), has not yet been deployed, civil society wants an assurance that when it gets deployed, rights will not be abused. The DHS has been testing BOSS and according to the organization, the system is still quite slow and it will not be deployed in another few years o allow for fine tuning and speeding up.

There is time between now and when the official release of the technology for activists to get proper legislation to safe guard privacy. The only challenge with the laws to safe guard privacy is that activists may never really fully know what technology is being used. There is no telling if this is the making of the next PRISM.

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