Details Stolen From Over Million Credit Cards In Neiman Marcus Latest Infringement


Neiman Marcus, a well famed retailer in United States confessed repeated infringement in debit card system during the last completing year – 2013. The data stealing activity had been planned and implemented by a Russian criminal band. According to the monthly statements, fraudulently purchasing of debit cards ranged up to 2,400 since the infringement.

A same program installed in POS machines to steal data from customer’s cards had been observed from 18th of July to 30th of October in 2013. No strong bonding have been found between the two discussed criminal activities, however it is being predicted that the both hacks have been designed by the same criminal unit.
The retailers like Amazon and Best Buy have been targeted by the hackers.

As per Retailer sayings:

While the forensic and criminal investigations are ongoing, we know that malicious software (malware) was clandestinely installed on our system. It appears that the malware actively collected or “scraped” credit card data from July 16, 2013 to October 30, 2013.

The company added more, if the retailers have no remedies to such issues then how the upcoming latest technological inventions in their primary stages can be trusted by the customers. The houses like Google wallet services and the Coins surely become unsafe and insecure in such environment. The expertise at Headquarters of the store did not yet exploit the issue which results in huge discomfort for the clients.

If we all tend to progress in the same destination in the field of financial transactions through internet, all the retailers along with financial units must ensure their security level on top. By acquiring such precautionary measures, we can revive our faith and trust in financial sector in upcoming days.