China Hit by a Massive DDoS Cyber Attack


Chinese websites ending with the .cn suffix have been hit by an unprecedented distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from hackers. The hack was reported by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) site with apologies to the affected users. The CNNIC further pledged that the networks affected would be strengthened to prevent future attacks.

The attack took down huge numbers of sites, leaving internet experts baffled that a country that has been touted as a huge source of hacks can have such a massive number of sites taken down by a common hack. China has been accused by the US government and some US companies like The New York Times of sophisticated attacks, but this is looking shaky if the Chinese could not prevent a relatively simple DDoS cyber attack.

Independent observers were quick to point out that if such a simple hack could disrupt Chinese websites then the Chinese web security and defenses are weaker than was previously thought. The DDoS hack is a typical hackavist attack which bombards a website with massive traffic causing it to shut down. It is malicious and has no direct financial benefits to the perpetrators.

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