DDoS Attacks Mainly Targeting Europe, According to Revelations from IT Experts


CloudFlare has been attacked online and this can only cause grave concern to all Internet users. The main problem lying beneath such an attack is the fact that CloudFlare has been initially used for offering protection against such threats. Imagine you seek protection against DDoS attacks and you find out that the so called protector of your has been compromised, due to the very same type of attack. This is hardly the proof of effectiveness that you have been searching for, isn’t it?

The CEO of the company has announced that the attack used NTP protocol and reached 400 Gbps, which is incredible to consider. In particular, the previous attack having to do with DDoS only reached 100 Gbps less than the current one. Back to the recent problems that IT experts are forced to deal with, there is still no evidence as to the extent of the damage that has been made to websites and users.

Till this moment, gaming servers have been taken down and this is just the start of the damage that is yet to be revealed. There are specific configurations that have to be performed on behalf of the administrators, so as to prevent or eliminate these negative consequences of the attack. As for the location targeted, as it has been brought to light France has been hurt and its networking hosts. Europe is the heart of the attack and this in just like Pandora’s box, in the form of cyber breaches.